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NEW ZEALAND BY DESIGN512 page, illustrated book – signed copies $65 including GST and delivery within NZ.

BEST FIRST BOOK OF NON-FICTION 2012 New Zealand Post Book Awards. Head judge Chris Bourke said, “In this lively examination of New Zealand industrial design, Michael Smythe champions the innovators and visionaries. He also rues the follies and the political and economic decisions that have stymied far-sighted ideas from our designers.”

“Functioning as a simple chronology on one level, the book represents a long, laudable and energetic research effort.” Nick Laird in Landfall, June 2012

“I hope it gets a wider audience …” – Nicole Stock in Interior

“… heaps of the author’s wit in evidence …” – Gilbert Peterson in Business Plus.

“Despite its cautionary tales … an uplifting read.” – John Walsh in the Listener

To listen to Michael Smythe talking with Kim Hill on 23 July 2011 CLICK HERE

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Featured Article:

What was New Zealand’s first industrially manufactured* product? Please help us dig deeper to answer this question.

(*Made in volume using methods developed during the industrial revolution rather than hand crafted.) Maybe it was the Shacklock Orion coal range – see NZBD pp.54-55 – which was made from 1873. The book states: It wasn’t until 1873 that … Continue reading

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The Book - New Zealand By Design
Product design is what we make of ourselves. It shapes and shows who we are. It is the manufactured manifestation of our culture. NEW ZEALAND BY DESIGN richly illustrates the way product design has been formed by the isolation of the country most recently inhabited by 'tool making animals'. It will inform, entertain, intrigue and surprise readers interested in Kiwi heritage, creativity, culture, economics, politics, technology, industry and the deeply driven need for human beings to design better lives.
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